Oprah Crumbs

…the coke gon’ come “Open up a drum, I’m eatin’ Oprah crumbs. Got poor credit, got whore debit.” Walk in the 40-40 I’ma score…

- Rick Ross (Cross That Line) listen

Grandma’s Kitchen

…show me where the stove at, “get a jar, some baking soda, nigga hold that, the world is my grandma’s kitchen, time to cook crack.” The Dope Boys in the building…

- The Game (Dope Boys) listen

Just lost a Gucci sandal in the fucking ocean

….haters talk it like my buzz isn’t enough promotion “I just lost a Gucci sandal in the fucking ocean…. damn!” I guess the problems of a teen star…

- Drake (More Milli) listen

Chinese, or even Asian

…hey, I’m a balla for real. oh, oh, oh “I like them black, white, Puerto Rican, or Haitian Like Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian” Don’t matter what colour on this occasion, fo sho….

- Chingy (Balla Baby) listen

Grocery Bag

…no stevie wonder “she wont ever wonder cause she knows she bad and i gotta nigga…. grocery bag” okay, baby, I be stuck….

- Gudda Gudda (Bedrock) listen

Same color as beef stew

…we can’t believe you “Me who? please boo, landin’ in that G2. Same color as beef stew. favorite letters: GQ That’s me, true. peach blue, hebrew” Lawyer on my side…

- Cam’ron (Lord You Know) listen

German Shepherd Motherfucker

…I’m effervescent and I’m off that crescent “Nastier than a full grown German Shepherd motherfucker keep steppin’” They don’t fuck with me and they don’t…

- Mystikal (Shake Ya Ass) listen