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For Who? Who? Us. Us? Us! Yes Sir!

….C’mon and raise up “This one’s for you! Uh-huh. This one’s for who? Who? Us. Us? Us! Yes Sir! Who am I?…. Petey Pab motherfucker!” First to put it down…

- Petey Pablo (Raise Up) listen

Got a chick named Superhead

….I’m packing four fours “Blowing on the endo Game Cube Nintendo” five percent tint so you can’t see up in my window…

- Slim Thug (Still Tippin’) listen

My dick goes to yoga

…your dick got touched by your uncle“My dick goes to yoga. Your dick… fruit roll-up. My dick grade-A beef. Your dick…. Mayday geek”My dick sick and dangerous…

- Mickey Avalon (My Dick) listen

I’m so fly, I need my ass kicked

….A big car and a bad bitch, uhh “I’m so fly, I need my ass kicked” These niggas ballin’ by accident, uhh…

- Lil’ Wayne (Talkin’ About It) listen

You ain’t cuz you not

This is why This is why I’m hot “This is why I’m hot…. I’m hot cuz I’m fly, You ain’t cuz you’re not” This is why I’m hot. I don’t gotta rap

- Mims (This is why I’m Hot) listen

Grocery Bag

…no stevie wonder “she wont ever wonder cause she knows she bad and i gotta nigga…. grocery bag” okay, baby, I be stuck….

- Gudda Gudda (Bedrock) listen

Same color as beef stew

…we can’t believe you “Me who? please boo, landin’ in that G2. Same color as beef stew. favorite letters: GQ That’s me, true. peach blue, hebrew” Lawyer on my side…

- Cam’ron (Lord You Know) listen