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I should dust something

…. “I’m a made nigga, I should dust something” … – Lil’ Wayne (I’m On One)

Walt Who?

…Is better than a mail man “You never seen misery? Seriously? On the other hand visibly. You might know my neighbor Walt? Walt who? Disseney? Disseney? Yeah, Disseney!” Coke, cakes, pot pies…

- Cam’ron (Never Ever) listen

Hotel everybody, even the mayor

….why do you think you take a ho to a hotel? “Hotel everybody, even the mayor. Reach up in tha sky for tha hozone laya “ Come on playa once a ho always…

- Ludacris (Ho) listen

About three Kim’s (WHAT?)

….haters talk it like my buzz isn’t enough promotion “I just lost a Gucci sandal in the fucking ocean…. damn!” I guess the problems of a teen star…

- Drake (More Milli) listen

I’m shakin’ babies

…Murs is better than your favorite rapper admit it “I’m shakin’ babies (shakin’ babies)” and I’m kissing hands…

- Murs (Better Than The Best) listen

Um pardon me, my bad

…Yo fuck that, I’m gon’ check these nigga’s Fuck that, fuck that. What you said? Speak up, I can’t hear ya. Oh, thought you was talkin’ to us, um pardon me, my bad” I shoulda known…

- Lil’ Kim (Real Niggas) listen

The word fake tries to hate

…jumps outta the dictionary like I’m in love “Keep it so real the word fake tries to hate and jumps outta the dictionary like you gon get beat up” Showing naked well you already guessed….

- Chamillionaire (Money Already Made) listen

You ain’t cuz you not

This is why This is why I’m hot “This is why I’m hot…. I’m hot cuz I’m fly, You ain’t cuz you’re not” This is why I’m hot. I don’t gotta rap

- Mims (This is why I’m Hot) listen

Chinese, or even Asian

…hey, I’m a balla for real. oh, oh, oh “I like them black, white, Puerto Rican, or Haitian Like Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian” Don’t matter what colour on this occasion, fo sho….

- Chingy (Balla Baby) listen