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I should dust something

…. “I’m a made nigga, I should dust something” … – Lil’ Wayne (I’m On One)

Shhh… there’s rappers sleeping in my kitchen

….I’m patient, for my patient “There’s a meeting in my kitchen. shhh, there’s rappers sleeping in my kitchen… young money creatures” kill your sweet ass then eat’cha…

- Lil’ Wayne (Sacrifice) listen

Congratulations… It’s crack

…. it’s crack “You Shoulda been like congratulations it’s crack. Congratulations, it’s crack, yeah, it’s crack, haha, congratulations, ladies and gentelmen” it’s crack…

- Lil’ Wayne (Congratulations) listen

I’m so fly, I need my ass kicked

….A big car and a bad bitch, uhh “I’m so fly, I need my ass kicked” These niggas ballin’ by accident, uhh…

- Lil’ Wayne (Talkin’ About It) listen